Fit Mom Secrets Audio Series (10)
Get the tools you need to be successful in your fitness journey! Includes “Fit Mom Secrets” exclusive audio series (set of 10), that’s over 90 minutes of motivation and will help your mindset and successful thinking.
  •  Audio 1: Getting Back into Super Shape
  •  Audio 2: A Simple Way to Measure Your Food Every Time
  •  Audio 3: Why The Scale is a Big FAT Liar!
  •  Audio 4: Magic Fat Loss Formula / How Food Labels Deceive You
  •  Audio 5: Eating "Healthy" vs Eating Lean 
  •  Audio 6: Restaurant Ordering Tips / Success Secrets to Getting Lean
  •  Audio 7: Super Boost of Motivation / Success Secrets to Keep You Going
  •  Audio 8: Cheat Meals and How to Reset Yourself
  •  Audio 9: Why You Won't Look Like a Man / Form Tips
  •  Audio 10: The Importance of Rest and Recovery
As you're listening, I'd love to hear any Aha! Moments you experience along the way. 
Price: $150 JUST $47
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